How Much Can You Get For Junk Ford Mustang?

How Much Can You Get For Junk Ford Mustang?

So you've got a non-running Ford Mustang just gathering dust and cobwebs? Don't let that American muscle turn into American rust, my friend.

Hey, we've all been there. Had to part ways with my classic Mustang not too long ago. Tough, but you know what? I managed to turn that situation into a win-win.

Key Takeaways:

1. Owners can either sell individual parts from a non-running Mustang or scrap the entire car for cash.
2. Parting out a Mustang can be more profitable but requires significant effort, tools, and space.
3. The average scrap value for a Mustang in the U.S. is around $700, influenced by factors like condition, year, and local scrap prices.
4. Scrapping a Mustang involves getting quotes, preparing documentation, transferring the title, and possibly canceling insurance and registration.

It took a bit of sleuthing to find the best way to get a payday outta my old Mustang.

You're down to two options: either scrap that beast or turn it into a parts bonanza.

Which one's gonna put more coins in your piggy bank? Gotta weigh the worth of those parts against the value of just scrapping the metal.

If you're leaning towards the scrap option, they'll yank that Mustang outta your space ASAP and put cash in your hand just like that.

Now, if you're thinking about parting out the Mustang, you gotta be prepared to put in the work. Tools, time, space, know-how—all required.

Is it worth the elbow grease? I made a comparison chart to give you a 411 on the pros and cons.

So What's The Plan? Part Out That Mustang or Send It to the Scrapyard?

Mustang Dilemma: Parting Out or Cashing In? (Comparison Table)

Parting Out Scrap It
Value of Parts
Could hit the jackpot if it's got primo parts in good nick. They're just looking at the metal, man, not your fancy add-ons.
Time & Effort
It's a grind; taking it apart, listing and haggling. Easy-peasy; the scrap guys handle all the dirty work.
Hope you've got room in the garage or else it's Yard City. They haul it away, you get your space back. Simple.
Tools & Skills
Better have the tools and know a wrench from a ratchet. They take it, you don't sweat it.
Market Demand
Need folks who want what you got; could be a hit or miss. It's just about the going rate for scrap metal.
Legal Stuff
Keep it legit; check your local laws on selling used parts. Just transfer the title and maybe get a junk or salvage title, and you're set.

Here's my play: Sell off the cherry parts of my Mustang first, then let the junkyard take the rest off my hands.

Which Ford Mustang Used Parts Are Hot Sellers?

Now, when I found myself pondering this, the first step was, of course, a little homework. Generally speaking, the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter top the charts when it comes to a Ford Mustang’s value.

Did a quick eBay lap and here's what Mustang owners like me might fetch for these parts:

  • Engine ($800 - $1800)
  • Transmission ($500 - $1100)
  • Catalytic converter ($300-$900)

But hey, before you roll that Mustang into a scrapyard, think about cashing in on these:

  • Jack
  • Battery
  • Radiator
  • Alternator
  • Spare tire
  • Rims and rubber
  • That fancy sound system or GPS

What's the Going Rate for Mustang Scrap Parts?

If you're thinking of parting out that Mustang, remember: prices shift based on how many miles your horse has galloped and the state she's in. Found this nifty link that offers an average estimate on used car parts, no matter the breed of your steed.

TIP: Got parts in prime shape? eBay and Craigslist could be your new best friends.

Now, not every part of my Mustang was in racing shape, but turns out there's a market for almost everything. And if you're wondering who's buying? Think scrapyards and online junk buyers (more on them in a moment).

TIP: For the not-so-great parts, scrapyards could be your ticket.

And yeah, there's a surprisingly high demand for Mustang catalytic converters. Why? They're packed with metals more precious than gold like palladium and platinum.

But, there's always a but, is the cash worth the grind? I mean, sure, parting out might net more cash, but time? It's something we just can't get back. For me, the idea of spending weekends wrenching, listing, and negotiating instead of catching up on "Friends" reruns or enjoying a BBQ? Not so appealing.

What's the Mustang's Scrap Value Looking Like?

Over at Junk Car Medics, the average going rate for a scrapped Mustang in the U.S. sits around $700, with the scale tipping from $250 all the way to a grand. Several factors play into this, like where you're at, how your pony's looking, and the going rate for scrap metal.

If you're down to just the body, you're probably looking at about $150 per ton. Need to check your Mustang's weight? Right this way.

Here's what can affect your Mustang’s scrap value:

  • Year she rolled off the line
  • Current condition
  • Parts' value
  • Weight in scrap metal
  • Local scrap prices
  • Title status

How Much Less Cash Will You Get for Your Mustang Without a Title?

Look, you can totally send that Mustang to the junkyard without a title, but let me tell you, you're leaving some serious cash on the table. Plus, no title means fewer junkyards are going to roll out the welcome mat for you.

Good thing I had a clean title for my Ford Mustang. Otherwise, I would've gotten pocket change compared to what I actually got!

Type of Title Average Price Percentage
Clean Title $758.21 80.12%
No Title $321.45 17.06%
Rebuilt Title $812.99 2.82%

Who's The Go-To for Mustang Scrap Prices?

This is the high-octane part of the deal. If you've got a Mustang that's more of a relic than a racer, you're gonna want to get the best quotes from junk car buyers.

I won't spill the beans on which company I went with for my Mustang. Don't wanna sound like I'm plugging them. But I've got a list of some top-notch junk car services in the U.S. of A.

Hit 'em all up for quotes, then go with the one that's gonna make your wallet happy.

If you're itching for more details on these junk car buyers, here are some reviews you can check out.

Logo Company Website
Junk Cars US More Details
SellMax More Details
CarBrain More Details
Junk Car Medics More Details
Copart Direct More Details
Cash Auto Salvage More Details
DamagedCars More Details
Wheelzy More Details
Pick-n-Pull More Details
Peddle More Details

The process of scrapping my Ford Mustang eventually looked pretty straight-forward and boiled down to the following steps:

  • Got quotes from different buyers
  • Compared pricing and chose the best company
  • Removed personal stuff from the cabin
  • Cleaned the car from dirt
  • Prepared documentation according to this guide
  • Scheduled pickup
  • Transferred the title to the junk car buyer.
  • Got the cash!
  • Canceled insurance. 
  • Called the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) to cancel the registration.

You may leverage a free pick up of the junk car off your place and help transfer the title. Almost every scrap car buyer offered these services as free bonuses.


So why am I sharing all this? Simple, I had a soft spot for my Mustang, the way you do for an old pair of jeans. I figured if I could make the process easier for someone else looking to part ways with their Mustang, why not? I went the junkyard route, but hey, you do you.

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